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Blind Date With a Book-SELF HELP, MOTIVATION


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Essentially, ‘Blind Date With a Book’ is what the title suggests a blind date with a book. Unlike a blind date between two humans, though, appearances are not the first thing you get to judge when you meet your next read. You know next to nothing about the book but it’s thickness, size and broadly descriptive words written on the brown paper. Your group of ten will include both paperbacks and hardbacks. Your group will be all self help and motivation type books. Although the books are used they are quality pre-loved books. They still have a lot of life in them. The books are from like new to acceptable condition. The books will not have excessive writing or water damage. They may include old library books too. Please remember these are used books. Books are meant to be read and enjoyed, and that’s why we make blind dates. Your use of The blind date book can be endless, try adding it to a gift basket or sold on its own!