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The Sassy Package

The Sassy Package caters to ambitious and focused women who are striving to juggle multiple responsibilities. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed because there just isn't enough time in the day to manage everything, this package is designed with you in mind.


Allow me to alleviate a significant burden from your hectic schedule by providing support in enhancing your wardrobe. This transformation will instill newfound confidence, empowering you to tackle your busy days with ease.


Acknowledging the perpetual time constraints we face, coupled with the minimal personal time available, the prospect of navigating online retailers' websites or braving department store mazes, especially with toddlers in tow, can be daunting. Allow me to extend my assistance. Save countless hours each year contemplating your wardrobe choices and redirect that valuable time toward your loved ones or indulge in some well-deserved "me time".

The Sassy Package Program is a comprehensive four-part program designed not only to reclaim significant time and energy but also to guarantee that you exude 100% confidence and comfort from the inside & outside.




The initial phase involves a Closet Edit. Collaboratively, I assess your wardrobe, eliminating items that no longer serve you—the unnecessary clutter. This decluttering process paves the way for a streamlined approach to preparing for your day. After purging the excess, you'll experience a sense of relief, as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Upon completion, you'll step into your closet with confidence, knowing that each item serves a purpose and aligns with your personal style. Additionally, I'll
pinpoint any potential gaps in your wardrobe, ensuring that your closet is filled with thoughtfully curated looks rather than isolated pieces.

The second stage of the Styling with Lisa Transformation introduces the Concierge Personal Shopping & Styling service. Equipped with the list of identified missing items from your current wardrobe, I will personally curate these selections from a carefully chosen list of retailers, tailored to your unique style and wardrobe requirements.

Upon delivering these chosen items to your home, I'll create your own personalized boutique, establishing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that eliminates the inconvenience of cramped fitting rooms. Take your time exploring your thoughtfully curated rack, trying on each piece at your leisure. I'll be there to assist you in determining what complements your style. With any necessary returns expertly managed, you can effortlessly integrate your new pieces into your wardrobe and proceed seamlessly with your day.

The third phase of the Style Transformation introduces the Lookbook. Whether you're
local or not, you or I will capture photos of every item in your wardrobe. Using these photos, I'll craft a customized Lookbook featuring 30 distinct looks or outfits within an exclusive virtual styling platform reserved for personal stylists.

With a simple click, you gain swift access to your entire closet and a collection of curated outfits. This empowers you to explore creative combinations and discover new ensembles you may not have considered before.

Thirty days post Lookbook delivery, I'll touch base to gauge your experience with the enhanced wardrobe and heightened confidence. Addressing any lingering questions, you may have after implementing the insights gained from the StyleTransformation, I'll ensure you're well-prepared to persist as the empowered superwoman you are. Embrace your newfound confidence and the surplus hours now at your disposal.